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Thursday, June 25, 2015

Samurai Warriors Chronicles 3 Launched - 3DS PSV

Samurai Warriors Chronicles 3 enjoys an extensive character creation and edit mode, which allows for a very deep level of customisation and vast selection of facial features, armour, weapons and accessories. It would also allow players to equip their customised characters with the default costumes of the famous warriors they befriend!

The story mode, which can be played controlling either a uniquely customised character or one of the much loved, history- inspired, Samurai, can unfold in multiple ways offering numerous resolutions to large scale battles and leading to multiple endings as the outcomes of battles, alliances, and ultimately the conclusion of the game, is altered by player choices, actions, and relationships.

The game also features a newly developed battle system that allows real-time control of multiple playable characters, as well as the fan-favourite Challenge Mode, which tests players’ speed and efficiency as they fight against the clock and thousands of enemies simultaneously!

Exclusively created to offer exhilarating action on the go, Samurai Warriors Chronicles 3 will fully utilise the Nintendo 3DS StreetPass and SpotPass as well as the PlayStation®VITA touch screen.

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