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Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Poly Bridge Early Access Trailer - PC Mac Linux

All it takes is one broken bridge in this colorful landscape to make you recognize the charm of Poly Bridge, the newest bridge-building game with a community focus launching on Steam Early Access today for PC, Mac and Linux.

Poly Bridge bridges the gap between quirky fun and ease-of-use with accurate physics and simulation. Utilize wood, steel and iron, with cables and hydraulic pistons to make drawbridges, suspension bridges – you can even make ramps for jumps – in numerous levels with more added in the future.
Will your vehicles make it safely across the river, or will your crumbled creation end with their demise in the frigid depths below?

An awesome bridge-builder game wouldn’t be complete without a sandbox mode though. Players can create and upload their own puzzles, from the wild and absurd to the mind-bendingly challenging, in Steam Workshop available at Early Access launch. Additional levels can also be downloaded from there. Challenge friends and family, and push the mechanics of Poly Bridge to its limit.

Features include:

Easy-to-use GIF sharing to show off accomplishments and epic failures that can be saved and shared on Twitter and the Poly Bridge Gallery (
Sandbox mode connected to Steam Workshop for players to create and share their own levels with the Steam community
Localized in English with more to come in the future
Poly Bridge is available now on Steam Early Access and the Humble Store for $11.99.


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