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Saturday, June 06, 2015

Getting Fancy: Dungeon Travelers 2 Intermediate Classes Approved - PSV

When players in Dungeon Travelers 2 hit level 15, things really hit the fan, as that's when each character can specialize into an intermediate class!

Each of the five basic classes (Fighter, Magic User, Scout, Maid, and Spieler) will have at least two new class options once they hit level 15. These intermediate options range from enhanced evolutions, such as Fighters becoming either Paladins or Berserkers to polar opposites, like the Scout that can become the ranged Archer or the melee Assassin.

The best part about these intermediate classes is that Dungeon Travelers 2 gives players near-penalty-free ways to experiment with these new sub-classes. At level 15, players can choose to pick a new class! You also have the option of resetting the character's skill points and redistributing them as you see fit. Drop all those points into a new skill to see how it performs at max level. Doesn't work well in combat? Reset and try something new! Characters will always be reset to level 15 (or 30, 45, etc. for later levels), but it offers a good amount of freedom to get a feel for new skills in combat and then try something new if it doesn't work out. And because they're sub-classes instead of a true new class, players can experiment with hybridization to find plenty of viable combat synergies!

And because you all like lists, here's a list of all the intermediate classes:
Fighter - Paladin - Berserker
Magic User - Sorceress - Enchantress - Priestess
Scout - Archer - Assassin
Maid - Bard - Dancer
Spieler - Dollmaster - Trickster

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