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Sunday, May 10, 2015


1. What is ALIENATION? Is it a sequel to Dead Nation?
ALIENATION is an all-new game from Housemarque and we see it in part as a spiritual successor to Dead Nation but clearly it is a lot more than a sequel.

2. Will there be a Dead Nation 2?
Right now we are focused entirely on ALIENATION and the next expansion for RESOGUN.

3. Why Aliens and not Zombies?
We still love Zombies but we also love Aliens, because from a creative standpoint it grants us even more artistic freedom to create cool enemies, weapons and so on. Having covered Zombies for Dead Nation a break from the Dead is good for us creatively.

4. How does it use PS4?
The engine is entirely new and having put our toes in the water with RESOGUN we already know a lot about what works really well on the GPU especially, and how to blow things up spectacularly. With our all new physical based rendering we will create great looking worlds and blow them up even more spectacularly!

5. Is it using tech from RES0GUN?
A few of the editing tools that we use are shared between both games but ALIENATION is actually using an all-new physically based rendering engine that is really quite different to the voxel engine we developed for RESOGUN.

6. What is the game about?
ALIENATION is a next generation top-down action game utilising the power of PS4 to deliver the most addictive and destructive gameplay that Housemarque have ever created.

7. The overhead view looks like Dead Nation. . .
Unlike most FPS or TPS games, in ALIENATION, you frequently fight masses of enemies that can attack from anywhere and all around you. In multiplayer, players need to see one another clearly and the overall situation around them - the overhead point of view is key to the gameplay because of this.
Dead Nation had the same requirements and so while there is some similarity in that regard, the similarity ends there really because ALIENATION has lots more effects and variety than Dead Nation.

8. How is ALIENATION different to Dead Nation or Helldivers?
All of the games are fun but I can only really speak in detail about Dead Nation and ALIENATION because I don’t work directly with the guys making Helldivers.
In comparison to Dead Nation, the things I like most about ALIENATION are the fun and mayhem of 4 player multiplayer, the graphics, especially the destruction.

9. How is the game improved from Dead Nation?
Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger and 4 player multiplayer!

10. How many players?
1-4, and we’re really excited about the 4 player multiplayer.

11. Will there be PvP?
Well, we’ve teased it in the trailer and we’re big fans of Dark Souls but that is all I have just now.

12. Where and when is the game set?
We’ll be revealing more details in the future on this so for now you’ll have to draw your own conclusions perhaps, based on the teaser!

13. When will it be released and how much will it cost?
Dates and price points will be announced in the future.

14. Will it be released on BLU-Ray?
Currently ALIENATION is a digital-only release, and there are no plans for a physical version

15. Did you / will you consider developing ALIENATION for PS Vita?
We are big fans of PS Vita, however, the technology we are using is quite specific to PS4. We wouldn’t rule it out, but have no plans currently.

14. What is SCEE/ XDev’s involvement in the project?
We see Sony XDev Studio Europe as our 'production partners' - they help us with all areas of development and have been extremely supportive during the game’s production. They provide brilliant feedback, and support on the game and really help us address the important issues by streamlining development whenever they can.

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