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Thursday, May 14, 2015

Mortedelo & Filemon are a big hit in Frenzy Drive - iOS Android

The slapstick secrets agents Mort & Phil have been comic book heroes in Spain for over 50 years, then they became stars of their own 3D movie, and now the hapless action heroes are celebrating the release of their frenetic free-to-play racing adventure Frenzy Drive! Hit, out today on the App Store and Google Play.

Frenzy Drive will have fans all over the world zooming their way through busy traffic fighting off bad guys – the game is localised to 10 different languages.

In Frenzy Drive, Mort & Phil screech onto handheld devices in a speedy caper which sees you racing through busy city streets in your choice of customizable vehicles, fighting to save the city from the villainous forces of Jimmy the Freak with the brainless use of powerful and sometimes very silly upgradable weapons, aiming to save the day for the T.I.A.

Players can weave their way through crazy traffic with a swipe of a finger, fending off attacks from ever-more powerful bad guys who only get tougher as you progress. To beat them, you can equip your agents with the ultimate T.I.A. inventions including the mighty death ray, “bomb throwing slingshot” or a plasm carbine. Mort can also use extremely laughable costumes to look fancy, but also get some gameplay bonus and rewards. Frenzy Drive has left thousands of gamers thrilled and exhausted both from experiencing the exhilarating gameplay and laughing at the madcap humour.

Jumping into the driving seat is totally free, but as you progress towards saving the day you can upgrade your arsenal, wardrobe and vehicle options a little faster by collecting coins (or eggplants) either within the game, or purchased online. With so many things to find, collect and upgrade, you’ll be glad you did, and you can get started by visiting the App Store or Google Play today!

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