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Monday, May 04, 2015

Mini Racing Adventures 3D multiplayer racing game - iOS Android and PC soon!

Mini Racing Adventures is more than just a game, it brings friends and family together. It is a 3D multiplayer FREE side scrolling endless racer in which you control the hero Martin Minimo in his quest to set the world distance record. You earn coins by collecting them along your journey and perform tricks to get bonuses. There are initially 5 unique levels each with their own unique feel, but many more to come. Unlock 10 vehicles and upgrade them to get the biggest baddest racer out there to take on all rivals. It's a challenge for all ages and a great game to play both online and offline when you want a lighthearted break from some long hours of gaming grind or just a break from work.

iOS -
Android -

- Online real-time multiplayer versus other MRA racers and your friends.
- Offline single player or against CPU challenge and Ghost mode.
- Smooth and realistic physics.
- Lots of selectable vehicles (Off-road buggy, baja bug, bike, trucks, more..).
- Upgradeable vehicle components.
- Free to Play.
- Endless racer

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