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Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Magicka 2: Wizard World Championships

Nice guys finish last in Magicka 2. Rush towards victory, leaving the remains of your enemies (or friends) behind, in the first Wizard World Championships!

Starting May 26th at 8pm CET, to celebrate the new chapter of the Magicka adventure, Claimony hosts the first world championships together with Paradox, HP and Func. 168 hours later (a week that is) a winner will be generously rewarded as eternal glory awaits.

The championships takes place on Claimony, a community where gamers are rewarded for their achievements, and features fine and dandy prizes from partners HP and Func.
Björn Torstensson, CEO of Claimony, ensures there is room for all types of David Copperfield wannabes:

Quick facts
  1. get Magicka 2 on Steam
  2. sign up on
  3. get in the game!

When: May 26th 8pm CET to June 2nd 8pm CET. A pre fan art contest starts on May 18th.

Prizes: A wizard robe signed by the Magicka 2 team, a HP OMEN gaming laptop, superb gaming gear from Func and Pre-Order Magicka 2 Deluxe Edition keys.

The link to the campaign is

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