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Monday, April 20, 2015

Guns Up Game - PS4

Valkyrie Entertainment, the talented art house that contributed artwork to some of the gaming industry’s biggest blockbusters over the last decade, is debuting its first independently-developed game – GUNS UP! Launching exclusively for the PlayStation 4 later this year, GUNS UP! is a free-to-play strategy game that pits players against each other in a battle to destroy enemy bases and conquer new territories, combining military tactics and Valkyrie’s signature art style for fun, addicting gameplay.

In this side-scrolling strategy game, players take on the role of a General, managing resources and deploying the right combination of troops, land mines, air strikes, smoke screens, and more to topple their opponents’ bases. With more battle experience comes the ability to unlock and level up additional offensive and defensive units, increasing your odds of not only surviving, but also emerging victorious.


Free-To-Play – Players on PS4 can download GUNS UP! for free, progressing through the ranks with experience or purchasing optional upgrades from the Store to supplement their armies, customize their characters, or build larger bases.
Find and Destroy Enemy Bases – While connected online, players can build their army to obliterate opponents’ bases with asynchronous gameplay to become the ultimate field commander.
Build And Defend Your Base – Set up your military stronghold to keep the enemy away from your base, and test its strength against droves of real or CPU opponents to shore up any weaknesses before conquering with friends.
Single Player Challenges – Players can take a set of replayable Challenge levels by themselves to earn perfect 3-star ratings. Players can also purchase new Challenges in varying difficulties through the Store.
Leveling System – Upgrade bases and customize troop behaviors using perks. As you gain experience, your troops and armaments level up, improving players’ abilities to conquer new territories.
Join an Alliance – Go it alone or form a larger Alliance with friends dominate entire regions and show the world your true power.

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