Saturday, November 01, 2014

Elite: Dangerous PC Screenshots

The third stage of Elite: Dangerous’ Beta test has rolled out to players, unlocking even more of the real Milky Way for exploration and introducing long-awaited features including multiple ship ownership and mining.

IL-2 Sturmovik: Battle of Stalingrad (PC) Arrives on Friday, November 7th - Pre order bonus

Pre-order the digital version now and also receive the boxed version
for free (UK only) which includes extra content.

As all you flight simmers out there will know, IL-2 Sturmovik: Battle of Stalingrad is the continuation of the legendary IL-2 Sturmovik series that has set the standard for PC combat flight sim games for more than ten years. This new entry into the series will offer virtual pilots an even more accurate simulation of the most famous air battles of World War II. Better quality of content, bigger scale, new physics, more realistic aerodynamics and new game elements set this title apart from all which came before. IL-2 Sturmovik: Battle of Stalingrad has only one goal - to give you a new, higher level of immersion.

Mordheim: City of the Damned - Early Access upcoming, new screenshots

Mordheim: City of the Damned, the turn-based tactical-RPG where you lead warbands into bloody and lethal skirmishes in the cursed city Mordheim from the Warhammer world, is getting ready to enter Early Access on Steam in the coming weeks! Celebrating this announcement with new screenshots, developer Rogue Factor also invites members of the community to help create the best videogame adaptation of Mordheim during this upcoming Early Access period.

Today's round of brand new screenshots takes a look at 3 of the 4 warbands waging war in the City of the Damned: the zealous Sisters of Sigmar, the tenacious Mercenaries of the Empire, and the treacherous Skaven of the Eshin clan.