Thursday, May 01, 2014

La Tale's New Heroes Expansion - PC

Be part of an exciting story that unfolds all around you while you define your own unique path. The elegantly designed world is full of beauty, romance and intrigue. A rich palate of swords, sorcery, science, art, music and the paranormal are combined to make engaging and unique fantasy world like no other. It is up to you to craft your tale upon the breathtaking backgrounds and exciting storyline that is La Tale.

République Second episode of five organises a release committee - PC Mac iOS

Episode 2: Metamorphosis explores the origins of intellectual fascism through the player’s continuing efforts to help a young woman named Hope escape an Orwellian prison. Amid growing intrigue and ever-more-dire consequences, she seeks out the librarian, Señor Luis Octavo (voiced by Marcelo Tubert), a sympathetic mentor whose concern for Hope makes him a target of The Overseer’s wrath. This second installment is both action-oriented and contemplative as the veil over Hope’s eyes is lifted. With the player’s help, she gains a better understanding of her captors and the desperate measures necessary if she is to free herself.

JET CAR STUNTS – Ready, Set, Go! skill-racer is now available on Steam - PC

As a very special gift bitComposer Games will give away a free copy of the Arcade Space Shooter ION ASSAULT HD to all those who purchase JET CAR STUNTS until the 8th of May. JET CAR STUNTS is now available on STEAM for the price of $9.99 / €9.99 / £7.99

Your Robot Overlords Command You To Pay Attention to Freaking Meatbags - PC

Have you ever been late for work, then dispatched to a crumbling star system to pick up rocks as punishment? THERE'S GOT TO BE A BETTER WAY!

What if I told you there was a fleshy race of squishy life forms that you could use to pick up those rocks for you? AND they can be genetically modified to shoot laser beams out of their eyes or explode on contact!

The first official screenshots for 'In Harm's Way,' the next episode of The Walking Dead: Season Two

We are nearing the release of this next episode and anticipate that we will soon be able to confirm release dates for PC/Mac, console, mobile, tablet and additional handheld devices via digital distribution in the very near future. Please stay tuned to telltalegames on twitter for the first news and details on release dates as this information becomes available.

Pokémon Announces 2014 International Challenge May - 3DS

From today Pokémon fans from around the world can start limbering-up for the International Challenge May in readiness for registration on May 8th!

The 2014 International Challenge May is open to all Pokémon X and Pokémon Y video game players around the world.

Anomaly Defenders: Guide To The Defense Against Human Invasion Chapter 1 and 2 - PC Mobile

After two wars, the puny, petty humans have decided to launch a counter attack and destroy the Alien race once and for all. This time it is the Aliens who have to protect their land and fight for survival on PC and mobile devices. The battle begins this spring.

Hellraid Goes Next-Gen New Gameplay Features Trailer - PC PS4 XOne

Hellraid will offer three different game modes. In the Story Mode, players will explore the world and try to repel forces of Hell. The highly-replayable Mission Mode will put more focus on arcade-style fun of climbing up leaderboards, creating the longest combos and beating high scores, while the completely new Arena Mode will offer survival gameplay with waves of deadly demonic hordes to fend off. All these modes will be available in both single-player and 2-4 players co-op.

ÆRENA: Clash of Champions tactical online strategy game - PC Mac

ÆRENA: Clash of Champions is tactical game of online strategy featuring short, turn-based duels between two players and their teams of champions. By combining the strengths of different champions, support ships, and the abilities of Æther shells, players can create strategies wholly unique to their play-styles.

Pandora: First Contact can now be pre-ordered on Steam - PC

Often presented as a spiritual successor of Sid Meier’s Alpha Centauri, Pandora: First Contact had a burdensome legacy to deal with for its release few months ago. But its conquering spirit successfully captivated both 4X fans and press specialists: “Pandora is the strategy surprise of the year” (7idgaming), “a solid and well-polished title” (Tacticular cancer), “I highly recommend this game to all fans of 4X games in general” (Space Sector).