Saturday, March 01, 2014

Darksiders II returns on the WiiU

Yes, they do still exist: amazing games for the WiiU! Nordic Games announced today the highly acclaimed Darksiders II has found its way back onto the European Nintendo eShop, after almost one year’s absence.

Will humans or vampires survive? Closed beta of Nosgoth begins...

Experience the blood-thirsty team-based online multiplayer action of Nosgoth as the game’s Closed Beta phase commences. Available on Steam, players take part in asymmetrical, ranged versus melee battles as both Humans and Vampires fight in a dark and brutal fantasy world.

Pokémon Animation is now available to stream on Netflix

The Pokémon Company International and Netflix announce that beginning Saturday, March 1st, Netflix members can instantly stream Pokémon animation, featuring aspiring Pokémon Master Ash and his trusted Pokémon partner, Pikachu, as they embark on adventures through two popular seasons of the animated series and two action-packed feature films.

GTA Online: Business Update release date - Tuesday March 4th

Thrill-seekers and weekend warriors can hop in any of three all-new, blazing fast sports cars: the Albany Alpha, Dinka Jester and Grotti Turismo R... or take to the skies in the new Vestra airplane.

Fallen from Asgard – 'Munin' Bonds Nordic Mythology and Platforming - PC Mac

Munin the raven, faithful messenger to Odin, now stands stripped of wings and transformed by Loki into a mortal girl. Flightless and determined, she will stride through the nine worlds of Yggdrasil to reclaim the lost feathers and return to Asgard.

Resident Evil 4 in HD is released to download on Steam - PC

Resident Evil 4 is available today for PC digital download on Steam globally and across European retail. PC gamers can enjoy the ground-breaking survival horror masterpiece in the highest visual fidelity ever with stunning HD graphics running at a smooth 60 frames per second for the very first time.

Memoria - Demo of the First Chapter Available Now

As of now, everybody can experience Memoria - the acclaimed adventure by Daedalic Entertainment - with the release of a demo featuring the complete first chapter.

The Memoria demo is playable on Steam, or via the links below without Steam connection.