Saturday, February 01, 2014

New Slimmer and lighter PlayStation Vita Wi-Fi with internal memory card - PS Vita

The new PlayStation Vita (PS Vita) Wi-Fi model (PCH-2000 series) is set to launch in the UK. The new PS Vita Wi-Fi model, featuring a more streamlined form factor and a 1GB internal memory card will become available in the UK on February 7th 2014, at a suggested retail price (SRP) of GBP 180. The PS Vita PCH-2000 series will replace the existing PS Vita PCH-1000 series as stock of the older model is exhausted.

Star Trek Online 4th Anniversary Event and Season 8.5 Now Live

The 4th Anniversary for Star Trek Online, alongside the usual fun, games, and prizes that go along with an Anniversary event, we’re releasing Season 8.5 which includes a new Featured Episode “A Step Between Stars.” Iconic Star Trek actor Tim Russ stars as Admiral Tuvok in this latest episode.

Edge of Reality's Loadout The Outrageous and Addictive free-to-play shooter with wildly customisable weapons

Edge of Reality is an independent, world class console game development studio based in Austin, Texas. Throughout its 16-year history, the studio has now released 16 titles on 8 platforms, selling over 20 million units worldwide. The company is entrusted with some of the biggest brands in the industry, and the team works with passion to deliver high-quality entertainment.

Blackguards Assaults RPG New Game Trailer Released - PC Mac

Eschewing the usual tales of gallant knights and upstart heroes, Blackguards is a dark journey of criminals, betrayal, and tactical combat in the southern regions of Aventuria; a land of vicious creatures and grave social injustices.

Now you can play Bridge on your mobile - iOS Android

‘Bridge’ is a great casual game with emphasis on strategy and its vast intricacies involved allow it to be a game that can be studied by the most serious card student. The FREE version now available for download promises to challenge even the most proficient players, yet still offer a fun and entertaining game play experience to rookie gamers. With its beautiful graphics, plethora of cool options, and a strong and respected bridge engine, players will quickly become immersed by the games stimulated and challenging experience.

Running Shadow new characters revealed - iOS Android

Masterful Legend of Kay on PSN Classic platformer returns for a catty adventure - PS3

When Kay’s home island Yenching is invaded by the ruthless army of Emperor Shun, the young cat Kay, an apprentice at the local Dojo, must take up arms to defend his friends and family. Meet, befriend or fight loads of quirky animal characters like Gorillas, Rats, Foxes, Hares, Pandas and Frogs. Explore a world inspired by the threats and beauties of ancient China, by foot, well, paw, or on the back of a wild boar, a wolf or even a dragon.

Comic humor point & geek adventure Randal’s Monday coming to PC

Randal’s Monday, developed by the Spanish team Nexus Game Studios, centers around geek and pop culture references from the 1990s and early 2000s, and gives a pretty authentic insight into how hard it is to overcome these stupid days of each week.