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Monday, February 11, 2013

Vivi - 'Fierce Flower of the Desert' - Joins the Straw Hats in Pockie Pirates

Vivi is well known among One Piece fans as the potential adventurer that got away. A beautiful princess with a healing hand and heart of gold, Vivi famously rushed to the desert town to save her country, sacrificing her chance to adventure with the Straw Hats in the process.
But now, thanks to publisher NGames introducing her as a new character in free-to-play One Piece MMO, Pockie Pirates, Vivi is finally able to board the ships of Luffy and co – joining the game as a high level doctor class character.

Players can recruit Vivi at the West Blue Bar from Lvl.70+. She is set to become one of Pockie Pirates most fearsome doctors, boasting the most aura skills of any other doctor class character and some mean, tank-like attacks to dish out maximum damage.

Developing Vivi as a character will yield great results for any crew welcoming her aboard their warship. A high maximum agility rating allows her to move at lightning quick speeds compared to most other doctors, and by honing Vivi's HP abilities, players can bring the best out of her restoration force skill, which can quickly turn the tide of any battle in her crew's favour.

To maximize Vivi's effectiveness during battle, players must carefully consider where she is placed in the attacking order – a key element of Pockie Pirates thrilling combat modes.

Making her the last crew member to attack allows her powerful healing abilities to be exerted to the maximum, although this could be rendered useless against speedier opponents. Alternatively, area attacks like her trademark "Dizzy Dance" skill mean Vivi is also useful on the frontline of attack. Combining her Inspiration and Holy Counterattack skills will reveal why Vivi is really deserving of the name "Fierce Flower of the Desert"!

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