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Friday, February 08, 2013

Total War: Rome 2 Arverni faction revealed with this Oathsworn art - PC

The first faction to be revealed is Rome itself, and will be followed by all others in the coming weeks and months. Featuring maps showing each faction’s starting position, plus information on its military, political and civic strengths and vivid depictions of its armies in battle, the Total War: ROME II Faction Hub is an essential destination for Tot al War fans.
Each faction within the game offer greater richness, depth and variety than any previous Total War title to date, and brings the ancient world to life like never before. The distinctions between cultures aren’t simply cosmetic; each offers a fundamentally different style of play.

Representing key powers within the Greco-Roman, Barbarian, and Eastern cultures, every faction features its own agents and political system, and three tech trees representing civic, military and engineering disciplines. Each will have its own dilemmas to face and different styles of army to manage. Certain factions – such as Rome – are split into a number of playable families, which bring further unique benefits to their base faction traits.

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