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Wednesday, February 06, 2013

Fly the Friendly Skies with Airline World, Now Available Free on Google Play!

NeoWin Games announce the launch of Airline World for Android devices after a successful launch on Facebook. Airline World, a free time-management airline game, puts players’ entrepreneurial skills to the test as they strive to build a world-class airline empire.

Gamers customize their fleet of planes while competing to rule the friendly skies, with simple controls and fun animations appealing to gamers of all backgrounds and skill levels. Take to the skies and download Airline World today on Google Play:

In Airline World, players enter the airline industry as they work to manage their ever-growing fleet of planes. Gamers begin with a single airplane and small flight crew, working to get their fledgling airline business off the ground by staying organized, enhancing in-flight services, and managing airline logistics. To succeed, players will build up their hanger of planes, increase flight frequency, add flight routes, expand airline crews, and gain loyal customers. Airline World also lets players interact with one another by randomly pairing gamers together, allowing them to boost each other’s flights when they’re low on energy, adding social strategy to the mix.

Airline World features:
  • Rule the Sky – Purchase and customize airplanes, expand your crew, increase your number of flights, and add new destinations to become the sky’s ultimate entrepreneur.
  • Upgrade to Business Class – Decorate your fleet’s interior and choose flight attendant outfits to perfect your airline’s signature style.
  • Social Pilot Strategy – Random pair up with other pilots to recover your energy and air their crew.
  • Retro 70’s Vibe – Immerse yourself in the heyday of the aviation era with fun, 70’s-inspired graphics and music.

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