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Monday, February 11, 2013

Auto Club Revolution launching in Russian - PC Online

Moscow, a city of billionaires, home to the world’s most expensive cup of coffee, and now a member of the Auto Club Revolution family. Auto Club Revolution, the free-to-play (F2P) online racing game from UK developer & publisher, Eutechnyx, launches in Russian territories today, bringing with it a new location - Moscow.

In celebration of Auto Club Revolution landing in Russian territories, Moscow has been revealed as the first inner-city street circuit available for players to race. Working closely with the Russian team, Eutechnyx has been modelling new tracks with extreme accuracy to ensure that the Moscow locations represent their real-world counter parts both visually and atmospherically. Speeding through the rich and varied Russian architecture, thrill seekers will be taken on a fast and furious tour of The Kremlin Palace, alongside the Moskva River and around Balchug (Bolotny Island). The new locations show the commitment and dedication to Russia becoming a key territory for Auto Club Revolution.

The Moscow location will launch with three routes, The Kremlin Palace, Balchug Short and the working title track 'Community Route'. Upon launch, players will have the unique opportunity to partake in a naming competition for the Community Route, with the winner holding the credit for the new track name. Players can expect further routes to be introduced, exploring more of the Russian capital in due course.

Eutechnyx chief operating officer, Darren Jobling said, "Bringing Auto Club Revolution to the Russian market is a vital step in reaching our goals to establish the world’s leading online racing game. Working with both MegaFon and Vimpelcom is a hugely rewarding opportunity, as we share the drive and ambition, along with their understanding of the CIS territories, to deliver the best possible online experience. We look forward to developing our partnership further over the coming years"

The partnership deal between Eutechnyx, MegaFon and VimpelCom, has opened the doors for Auto Club Revolution to enter the Russia market. Auto Club Revolution has been enjoying a thriving beta stage and looks to be catching the attention of the 200+ million consumers in Russian markets who will now have the opportunity to experience and enjoy the award-winning F2P online racing game.

Players can register and enjoy the Russian flare and all that Auto Club Revolution has to offer by enrolling at

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