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Thursday, January 31, 2013

Hidden Object World 2 Full Games & 6 Demos Available In FREE Download For Android

All games included in the ‘Hidden Object World’ game collection features intuitive and easy-to-learn controls in addition to crisp, colorful and visually beautiful graphics.
Each game offers several unique modes of play: ‘Normal’ (limited time, limited hints, and exciting bonus rounds), ‘Nice & Casual’ (no time limit, unlimited hints, and no bonus rounds), and to round things off, ‘Challenge Mode’ (rotated items, missing letters, and double score bonuses!).

On your quest to uncover each and every Hidden Object throughout each adventure, you have additional options such as ‘Picture’, ‘Word’, and ‘Silhouette’. The ‘Picture’ option is a great introductory mode well-suited for children. The ‘Word’ option is really neat and useful if your child is just learning how to read, and a slight step up in difficulty compared to the ‘Picture’ option. And finally, the ‘Silhouette’ option is the trickiest way to play, and not without surprises along the way! Hints are available to players that get stuck throughout the game.

‘Hidden Object World’ is available as a FREE download from here:

Google Play App Store



With immersive stories, addicting gameplay and a wealth of customizable settings, ‘Hidden Object World’ is the perfect suite of games to satisfy any casual gamer with an interest in Hidden Objects gaming.

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