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Sunday, November 27, 2011

Sci-Fi Dynamic Themes come to Playstation Network

Indie Dynamic Theme "A is for Astronaut" has been released on Sony PlayStation Network, and is the first in a growing "Sci-Fi ABC's" series of high quality themes.

About the theme:
Crash landed on a distant asteroid, an astronaut waits patiently for rescue.
All alone and orbiting a fading binary star system, the astronaut plays out an ever increasing range of actions as time and space pass slowly by.

Optimised for full 1080p HD quality resolution, this highly detailed theme features special time and date based events.

Having developed the well-received Gravity Crash and Strangers' Wrath Dynamic Themes Dugan Jackson has teamed up with known indie games and media developer Omni Systems Limited to bring high quality premium Science Fiction Dynamic Themes to Playstation Network.

About the "Sci-Fi ABC's" series of themes
· This series of themes, one for each letter of the Sci-Fi alphabet, seeks to offer a higher quality theme than people are used to. 
· A key purpose of these themes is to help fund original indie games made by the co-developers. 
· The Themes themselves are based on classic colourful sci-fi tropes and settings partially inspired by 80s/70s sci-fi culture.

To quote Rudolf Kremers from Omni Systems Limited:
“Sci-Fi these days seems to be all about desaturated military settings with loads of grey and macho space marines. The more classical Sci-Fi that evokes a sense of wonder is no longer in vogue and we want to address that.”

“Basically these are themes for true Sci-Fi fans”

While Dugan Jackson from Tikipod offers the following:
"With these themes I want to create epic space vistas that look great running on a large TV screen. Scenes that evoke a fantastic sense of scale similar to classic sci-fi art by the likes of Foss, Dean and Harris."

A is for Astronaut is out now on Playstation Network both in Europe and America.
The easiest way to find this theme is to enter the word "astronaut" into the PSN search tool.

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