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Monday, February 07, 2011

Angry Birds: Secret Super Bowl, Golden Egg and Rio level Walkthrough

13-12. Punch that in, Angry Birds fans... Then follow the video below.

It also includes the special Rio level, in celebration of the new movie and game coming out in March.

Check the wooden wall...

1. Open level 13-12 of Ham ‘Em High (latest update 1.5.1)
2. Shoot the first Yellow bird anywhere
3. Now shoot the White bird backwards and drop an egg on the back side of the hill
4. If you hit the right spot the Golden Egg will pop up!
5. Once you find the egg you will see the first image below, which opens the Secret Super Bowl Golden Egg level
6. If you can pass the level you’ll see the second image. Notice that the egg contains the text “Rio”

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