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Friday, January 01, 2010

Video game release dates for early 2010 - Army of Two 40th Day, Mass Effect 2, Dantes Inferno, Battlefield Bad Company 2 all with videos

Top titles and release dates for 2010...

blue head in mass effect 2 video game trailer

Mafia Wars on Facebook - New Player Guide for 2010

mafia wars facebook screenMafia Wars is an awesome game on Facebook and MySpace. Plan on spending hours building up your Mafia Family with friends.

You’ll do crime jobs for cash, buy some really powerful weapons, and fight for your life against other Mafia Families!

Farmville on Facebook - How to level up fast - Crop tips for 2010

farmville logo with animal aroundFarmville crops (plowing, seeding, and harvesting) are the main source of coins and XP. Plus, every time you level up you will earn 1 FV. We all know that with more FV you can buy cool decorations or buildings.

The key to leveling up fast is all in the choosing the best crops. Are you curious which seeds are the best ones to plant?

Modern Warfare 2 beats Harry Potter to 'best seller' spot in 2009 say Amazon

For the first time ever a video game 'Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2' has take the number one best seller spot on Amazon.

Video games are massive, the UK in 2009 spent £1.19 billion on video games.