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Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Red Dead Redemption Official My Name is John Marston HD video game trailer

 John Marston in red dead redemptionRed Dead Redemption Official My Name is John Marston [HD] video game trailer. John Marston rides into town to find Bill Williamson. Rockstar Games San Diego present this cowboy adventure game...

Playable demo of critically acclaimed racer Colin McRae: DiRT 2 PC download now

colin mcrae dirt screenshot rally carPlayable demo of critically acclaimed racer gives PC gamers an adrenaline shot of mud-splattered thrills as the game powerslides into stores this week.

Codemasters announce that the playable demo of the DirectX 11-powered Games for Windows LIVE edition of Colin McRae: DiRT 2 has gone live and is available for PC gamers everywhere to download and play.

Final Fight + Magic Sword = Final Fight: Double Impact!

final fight game logoFinal Fight: Double Impact is two great arcade classics coming to Xbox LIVE and PlayStation Network in one sweet package.

Final Fight is one of the all-time greats of the beat-em-up genre. Choose from Mike “the Mayor” Haggar, Guy, or Cody, to team up and take back the kidnapped Jessica.

Tatsunoko v Capcom: Ultimate All-Stars new Anime characters - PTX-40A and Gold Lightan

PTX-40A and Gold LightanToday we're showcasing the two TvC characters so big they don't get a partner... PTX-40A and Gold Lightan. PTX-40A, the finest Vital Suit ever produced, comes from Capcom's Lost Planet, while Gold Lightan, a giant robot that doubles as a gold lighter, is another classic creation from Tatsunoko Productions.

Spend Christmas in Hell with the Dante’s Inferno ‘Gates of Hell’ Free demo download release dates

Dante’s Inferno video gameFree Downloadable Demo Available on PSN December 10th and on Xbox Live December 24th

December is about to heat up! Electronic Arts announce that the playable demo for Dante’s Inferno will be available as a free download on PlayStation Network on December 10 and on Xbox Live on December 24. Dante’s Inferno takes gamers on a quest through hell, in an action-packed adaptation of part one of Dante Alighieri’s epic poem, The Divine Comedy. The ‘Gates of Hell’ demo includes the entire opening level and gives gamers a taste of the terrifying odyssey to come in the Nine Circles of Hell as depicted in the full game.

Allods Online Closed Beta Key Giveaway

Allods Online video game

The holidays are quickly approaching, but that doesn't mean we're not feeling a bit of good cheer here at ZAM. With so many new expansions and beta tests getting under way, we wanted to offer our own early presents to our readers. Here you have it - Closed Beta Keys to Allods Online! They're free for the taking, and all you have to do is register here at ZAM!

Make TV with M.U.D. TV! Mad, Ugly, Dirty Television - PC video game, release March 2010

video game tv screenshotFed up of the same TV shows repeated week in week out? Reality TV getting stale?
Think you can do a better job? Well it’s time to put your money where your mouth is
and head over to M.U.D. TV (Mad, Ugly, Dirty Television) where you call the shots as
a top TV Exec striving to raise the ratings and bring in the advertising revenue of your
TV station.

The Fable of Venice of Venice video game on Nintendo DS

The Fable of Venice, a video game based on the popular comic book and animated film & series character created by Hugo Pratt. Corto Maltese – The Fable of Venice is scheduled for release on the Nintendo DS entertainment system in fall 2010.

Corto Maltese – The Fable of Venice combines stunning comic artwork and adventure gameplay with mystery solving, for an epic adventure in historic Venice. The city was painstakingly researched by Corto Maltese creator Hugo Pratt, and is now being created in the video game with great attention to detail.

Test drive Cities XL video game for 30 days with this offer...

Limited edition Cities XL video gameYou don’t have a copy of Cities XL yet but are interested in seeing what the game has to offer? Our new Discovery offer is just for you! With this offer you can play Cities XL Planet (online mode) for 30 days for only 9.99€ ($9.99 US, £7.99). You will have access to all the online features of Cities XL Planet Offer, including 5 slots to build your cities and all the latest game updates. Once the 30 days are over, you can either:

Tank Ace Online WWII Coming This Winter, Players Can Create Their Own Tanks And Battle In This Historically Accurate Tank Warfare Game - Free Beta

tank in battle scene Latest news here...

Upcoming online title for the PC, Tank Ace scheduled to launch in early 2010, this unique third-person shooter game will feature realistic World War II battlefields and vehicle stats based on actual historical facts. The game will be free to download and play and will officially launch in early 2010 with a beta test occurring later this year. To learn more about Tank Ace and to get a sneak peek at the game players can visit

FIFA 10 Ultimate Team, a game mode expansion, development and release date

fifa 10 video game coverFIFA 10 Ultimate Team, a game mode expansion and new way of playing FIFA 10, the highest rated sports game* ever on the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.

Based on internal sales projections, FIFA 10 has sold through more than 4.5 million units worldwide since launch, a 26 percent increase over the same period a year ago (eight weeks in Europe and five weeks in North America).

New 'Ether Castle' Zone Rounds Out the Robust Recently Additions

the game logo with monkey on cloudNew “Ether Castle” zone to Ether Saga Online over the weekend. Infamous and Slayers were the first alliances to gain access into the new PVP zone, which is an extension of the recently implemented Territory Wars and features designated territories and special rewards for more dynamic PvP game play.

Just in Time for Christmas, Karaoke Revolution & Jones GABA join forces win a 42" Plasma TV and Wii

Karaoke Revolution video game dj at record decksKaraoke Revolution television spots, airing in the top five markets will kick the promotion off, followed by unique radio promotions that will run in the top 10 markets. Jones Soda Co. will also feature Karaoke Revolution branded stickers on Jones GABA drink cans in 800 retail locations nationwide. Karaoke Revolution branded shelf danglers will be created to draw additional awareness at retail stores. On the grassroots level, Karaoke Revolution and Jones GABA street teams are already mobilizing to hit the night life at bars in New York, Los Angeles, Seattle, Boston, and Chicago. In addition, street teams will be at 39 college campuses where they will be demoing Karaoke Revolution and distributing Jones GABA drink samples.

Thanksgiving sales Wii 500,000, Xbox double and PS3 sell 440,000

games consolesThis thanksgiving week has seen a surge in game console sales.

Xbox 360 report a doubling in sale over the previous week (no figures available).

Nintendo sales topped 1.5 million consoles with DS/DSi sales at 1 million and Wii selling 500,000.

Sony sales of the PlayStation 3 were slightly lower than the Nintendo Wii at 440,000 PS3 during the week.

10 project Natal games from Ubisoft expected

image of xbox with project natal receiver in foregroundTo coincide with the launch of Xbox 360 Project Natal technology, Ubisoft have ten titles set for release within six months.

The nameless motion controller can detect movement and react (Wii like) to user movement without the players have an actual controller.

Watch the demo video after the break...

Banned Xbox 360s flood eBay after Microsoft action on modded consoles

xbox live gamezplayAfter Microsofts action to ban Xbox user who modded their consoles dozens are appearing for sale on eBay and Craigslist.

The consoles are listed with various descriptions including 'working offline' or 'banned'. They can be picked up for as little as £50 that's £100 off the new price!

Field of Glory out now the addicting PC version of the popular tabletop system is now available for purchase!

Field of Glory cover art battle sceneBased on Slitherine’s popular tabletop wargaming system by the same name, Field of Glory now comes to the PC in a faithful adaptation of this acclaimed miniatures wargame! Without the calculations and measurements required for a tabletop game of Field of Glory, the PC version accurately represents ancient combat where you make the important and fun decisions on the battlefield.

R.U.S.E. beta keys email alert as Ubisoft start testing...

tank and soldier on top game chips over map of teraineIf you registered for the R.U.S.E. beta test better check your email as Ubisoft have started to send out keys...

The beta test goes live today (1st December 2009) before the RTS game release of R.U.S.E. in early 2010.

For all those who didn't get a key you'll have to wait for the PC and Xbox 360 launch or find a friend who has one and get a glimpse of the game before it goes gold.

Men of War Gold Edition Includes the Hit RTS Men of War and the Stand-Alone Expansion Men of War: Red Tide

Men of War Red TideMen of War Gold Edition has shipped to North American retail outlets. Men of War Gold Edition includes both the critically acclaimed RTS Men of War and the exciting stand-alone expansion Men of War: Red Tide. Men of War: Red Tide introduces a new story driven campaign based on the writings of Soviet scribe Alexander Zorich and dozens of new or upgraded units and weapons.

Free video tutorials for Unreal Development Kits

Epic has released 171 free video training tutorials spanning 17 topics for Unreal Development Kit users:

We’ve also updated the UDK Licensing FAQ to cover a lot of common inquiries.

And, of course, we’re constantly adding new UDK content to the Unreal Developer Network (UDN).