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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Namco Bandai Games Brings the Ultimate Arcade Game Collection to Europe for Xbox 360 this April

Ultimate Arcade Game Collection xbox 360Namco Museum - Virtual Arcade is heading to European retailers for the Xbox 360 video game and entertainment system from Microsoft this coming April 2009. Jam-packed with nostalgic favorites and future classics, Namco Museum: Virtual Arcade will keep seasoned and new gamers playing for years to come.

Players can show off their skills and high scores on the leaderboards in a number of titles which originally appeared on Xbox Live Arcade, including the award-winning Pac-Man Championship Edition. The compilation also offers the chance to re-live the old school days of classic arcade games with Galaxian, Super Pac-Man and many more rubbing shoulders in a vast compilation spanning over 25 years of arcade hits.

Features of Namco Museum: Virtual Arcade include:

• Over 30 titles: The largest and most comprehensive Namco Museum collection to date will keep you and your friends entertained for hours.

• Xbox Live Arcade Games: No downloading necessary! Now you can get your XBLA fix and play the critically acclaimed and visually spectacular Pac-Man Championship Edition and the underground drilling classic Dig Dug.

• Leaderboards: Show off your high score worldwide and compete for the No 1 spot.

• New Arrangement Games: In their first console debut, 3 beloved games arrive with a new twist, a fresh new look and fun gameplay - Dig Dug Arrangement, Galaga™ Arrangement and Pac-Man Arrangement.

• Legendary Classics: Get nostalgic and play more than 20 retro fan favorites such as Dig Dug II, Pole Position, and Pac-Mania.

• Multiplayer: Each game supports between one and four players depending on the title.