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Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Big Box of Blox now available for S60 smartphones and FREE for Club Astraware members during July!

Astraware and Digital Eel are excited to announce the release of Big Box of Blox for Symbian S60 smartphones. This blox-stacking extravaganza is already available for Palm OS and Windows Mobile smartphones and PDAs.

Big Box of Blox is a blox-stacking game taken to outrageous extremes! Players arrange the three-blox-high stacks as they fall. Match blox in groups of three or more, vertically or horizontally, to eliminate them - but that's not all!

Don't just stack the blox. Smash them, blast them, mutate them or explode them in a shower of flames! Use special blox including jokers, bombs, frogs, mushrooms, fireballs and slot machines to clear the board before it reaches the top!

Big Box of Blox includes five mind-bending game modes: Flaming Peelout, Blok Atak, Groink, Mushroom King and Asylum Cubez, and players can even create their own combination using the special Custom Mode.

Faithful to the critically-acclaimed PC version, Big Box of Blox features cool psychedelic graphics, awe-inspiring animated backgrounds, brain crunching sound effects and an epic music soundtrack. The game's graphics reflect the dark and mysterious nature of the PC original, but smartphone-owners are sometimes known to go outside into the light, so Big Box of Blox also includes a gamma adjustment slider so users can select their preference from dark and atmospheric to vibrant and acidic.

As an introduction to this fantastic game, Club Astraware members can get Big Box of Blox FREE during July 2008. Existing Club Astraware members just need to log into their account to get their free copy of the game.

Download the PC version of BBoB here:

'Navy Field', ready to sail into the world!

The 'Navy Field' developed by SDEnternet (CEO: Hakyong KIM,, an MMOTSG, setting the ocean as a battle field from World War II, has been chosen 2 years consecutively as an official game of KIPA's GNGWC (Game&Game World Championships), and is expected to gain worldwide naval battle game mania attention again in 2008.

The 'Navy Field' was a finale of GNGWC2007 the final game of last year in KOEX, now being served in the U.S., Japan, Germany, and Russia as well as in Korea. Unlike last year, Germany and Singapore as well will be holding the local tournaments in the GNGWC 2008.

The 'Navy Field', a long-run game being served for 6 years, has been popular with worldwide gamers with its unique game background and story. We visited SDEnternet who is preparing for GNGWC 2008 and interviewed the company about recent news regarding 'Navy Field'

The following is the full interview:

Q. What is the background of developing Navy Field?
- Navy Field is for sure a unique game. There is no such game anywhere in the world. There were some games about army or air force, but nothing about the navy when Navy Field was developed. Our developers have been interested in naval battles and they had corresponding knowledge of such. As a result, a unique naval battle game called Navy Field was born.

Q. Was there any difficulties regarding the service in the beginning?
- Frankly speaking, we didn't even have any concept for service in the beginning. We opened an incomplete game to users. As such, there were many difficulties of service. However, as starting charges to partial game, we continuously updated contents and focused on administration in order to bring gamers back to the game. After all, we now have a steady number of user accesses running at the same time.

Q. What did you get from GNGWC 2007?
- Navy Field has a structure based on PvP team plays, which we believe is a suitable structure for game contests. Also, Navy Field is open not just to a certain country, but to all around the world through a global service. Localized services are being improved by partners in each country. Navy Field is a great game made in Korea. In addition, GNGWC is a great event for worldwide users to enjoy such games like Navy Field.

Q. Was there any episode from the last version of GNCWC 2007?
- There was a raffle event at the end of the local contests in Japan for the GNGWC 2007. The items for raffle were MP3 players, NavyField crystal souvenirs, etc. Even though the actual price for a MP3 player is more expensive than a NavyField crystal souvenirs, there were many people who wanted to exchange their MP3 Players for a NavyField souvenir after the raffle. It was like a crowded auction site… with that, we felt the power of contents as well as a sense of the Japanese love toward NavyField. After all, the final winner of GNGWC2007 was from Japan.

Q. How about the current global service status?

- We opened the game in Korea first and started to distribute the service in China and in Japan through our partners. In the U.S., we began to service through a GSP (global service platform), which brought great attention from users. Finally, we established a local office for serving the U.S. Based on the US service, we started the service in Germany and in Russia starting in 2007, and there are still many countries with on-going service negotiations.

Q. How about the localization?
- We believe that localization is a key to success in the overseas market and we are still considering ways on how we can solve this issue. The basic step would be translated for each local area. We have also thought of other various possibilities including adding unique maps for users in each country or taking events for local holidays. But, most of all, we need the role of administration in each country who can bring local user opinions to us so that we can develop and address such issues.

Q. Tell us about the powerful community of Navy Field.
- Navy Field has been served for more than 5 years. So many gamers have been enjoying the Navy Field. In view of the game feature related to the military, the user community is getting improved with the mania. The enthusiastic gamers through their voluntary activities and advertisements have brought other gamers who left the Navy Field back to the game.

Q. Any final comments for the gamers attending the GNGWC 2008?
- We are proud of joining the GNGWC as an official game this year again. We ask gamers to enjoy and make exciting memories with GNGWC 2008 this year. We will do our best.

YUKE'S Unveils Official Game Trailer with Launch of Double D Dodgeball Website

YUKE'S Company of America, the U.S. publishing arm of Japanese game developer YUKE'S Company Limited, today launched a new website and unveiled the official trailer for Double D Dodgeball, its upcoming title for Xbox LIVE Arcade for the Xbox 360 video game and entertainment system from Microsoft. The new video gives an exclusive preview of the fast-paced competition that awaits with Double D Dodgeball, slated for release on July 30th, 2008.

Double D Dodgeball recreates the classic playground sport in a new, futuristic setting with an arcade feel. Within its unique design lies one of the most competitive online sports games to hit Xbox LIVE Arcade this year, enabling online matches of up to 8 players, and up to 12 players total when including AI. Featuring both Eastern and Western dodgeball rules, Double D Dodgeball pays homage to the playground sport in its truest form.

The website not only features the brand new trailer, but also includes a variety of screenshots and gameplay details providing an in-depth look at one of this summer’s most highly anticipated Xbox LIVE Arcade titles.

To visit the website, please click here:

About YUKE'S Company of America
A wholly-owned subsidiary of YUKE'S Company Limited, YUKE'S Company of America released NEVES for the Nintendo DS and developed D1 GRAND PRIX for the Playstation® 2. The company is based out of Roselle, Illinois and is a fully licensed publisher and developer for Sony Computer Entertainment of America, Nintendo of America Inc., and Microsoft.

For more information on YUKE'S Company of America, please visit:


The future of New York City will be in gamers’ hands this fall and starting today Activision, Inc. (Nasdaq: ATVI) is allowing them to determine the Spider-Man: Web of Shadows package image. Starting today, members of the Spider-Man consumer VIP community can go to to vote for their favorite videogame package options, all featuring the heroic web-slinger as he prepares to confront a devastated Big Apple. The consumer control campaign will continue through launch, giving fans the opportunity to vote on various aspects of Spider-Man: Web of Shadows marketing campaign.

To date, members have already helped Activision cast voice actors for actual roles in the final game, based on auditions that were held at this year’s New York Comic Con. Voting has also commenced to find the perfect models to portray fan favorites Black Cat and Mary Jane in the Activision booth at San Diego Comic-Con in July. Fans will continue to have unprecedented control over the campaign with upcoming votes including gifts for pre-sell, gameplay content to be posted on the community website, packaging layout, and more.

In development by Shaba Games and Treyarch, Spider-Man: Web of Shadows is scheduled for release this fall and has not yet been rated by the ESRB. Fans can learn more about Spider-Man: Web of Shadows and the full consumer control campaign details by visiting

About Activision, Inc.
Headquartered in Santa Monica, California, Activision, Inc. is a leading worldwide developer, publisher and distributor of interactive entertainment and leisure products. Founded in 1979, Activision posted net revenues of $2.9 billion for the fiscal year ended March 31, 2008.

Activision maintains operations in the U.S., Canada, the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Sweden, Spain, the Netherlands, Australia, Japan and South Korea. More information about Activision and its products can be found on the company's website,

Jagex launches member's beta of RuneScape High Detail

runescape video game logo
Jagex Ltd, the UK’s largest independent games developer, today launched RuneScape High Detail, the latest version of their hugely successful massively-multiplayer online role playing game (MMORPG). RuneScape High Detail has been released as a beta to subscribers with the plan to offer the same functionality to free players in the future. RuneScape High Detail is a full graphics improvement, which utilizes new technology to enhance the game graphics and, for the first time, runs the game in full screen through an internet browser.

About RuneScape

RuneScape is a massively-multiplayer online game, set in a fantasy world of warring races, ravaged landscapes and sinister powers. The game is updated twice a months with new content, quests, skills or challenges.

RuneScape remains the 2nd largest free-to-play and subscription-based MMO in the western world, with more than six million active players and over one million paying subscribers.

About Jagex Ltd

Jagex, Ltd. is an independent games developer and publisher based in Cambridge, England, with over 380 employees. With proprietary graphics compression, game engine and network communication technologies, Jagex creates online games that are enjoyed by millions of players around the world.

CustomPlay Golf 2009 - video game on PC and Nintendo Wii

CustomPlay Golf 2009 for release in October 2008 on PC and Q1 2009 on Nintendo Wii.

CustomPlay Golf 2009 revitalizes the golfing experience with a game packed with features that encompasses the full embodiment of this great sport along with some little extras that will please aficionados and the leisure player equally. From the detailed delights of 15 full 18 hole championship courses to some inventive crazy golf courses, no area is left untapped to present the ultimate in GOLF!

CustomPlay Golf 2009 builds on the solid base of CustomPlay Golf 2, built on realistic physics, swing mechanics, stunning courses and player customization. The new editor is fast and easy to use, allowing for the most realistic looking courses yet. In-game the whole course is always displayed in the distance and loading times between holes have been eradicated. Added to this are the following all new course types; Crazy Golf, Mini Golf, Par 3, Pitch and Putt and Driving Range, to make an all-encompassing golf experience.
“We are excited to be working with the CustomPlay Golf team as their experience and knowledge in the creation a golf game is exceptional. Lexicon Entertainment believes they can create a new unique benchmark as they truly understand the most important nuances of this great sport and we believe a golf title that will have gamers coming back for more”.
Christopher Allcroft, President of Publishing for Lexicon Entertainment UK Ltd.

Including 15 full 18 hole championship Golf courses, including licensed and fantasy courses, along with the following, additional varieties: - Par3 (full 18 hole par 3 courses with all clubs available), Pitch and Putt (short 18 hole courses, with just the pitching wedge and putter available), Mini Golf (putter only courses), Crazy Golf (themed courses with obstacles, moving objects and animating objects), Driving Range (traditional and fantasy).

The editor allows anyone to create any kind of course from scratch. Create a player and tailor their playing style and look. When playing you can setup the game according to tee time, weather, pin location, tee difficulty and game mode.


Game Modes; Practice Mode, Offline, AI, Matchplay, Strokeplay, Stableford, Modified Stableford, Foursomes and Fourballs.
Online – play against 1 to 7 opponents.
PlayMail – email a playable version of any hole, to anyone, they can play it even if they don’t own the game.
Dynamic time of day system, choose your tee time and watch time fly.
Physics – the ball data in game was provided by T&K Golf Research who collate data for the major golf equipment manufacturers.
Stunning graphical weather/effects including enhanced lighting and shadow systems for objects and terrain, normal map, detail map, mega-texture and more
PlayMail, allowing you to email, detailed playable holes to anyone, even if they don’t own the game

Beijing 2008 video game - Gymnastics Events, Screenshots beijing 2008
Beijing 2008 - The Official Video Game of the Olympic Games: Gymnastics events.

Appearing on the Xbox 360 video game and entertainment system from Microsoft, the PLAYSTATION 3 computer entertainment system and PC, Beijing 2008 delivers a host of Gymnastics events.

The Gymnastics events in Beijing 2008 are split up into male and female events. One of the three female events is the Uneven Bars, where the player uses both analogue sticks to mimic the movement of the athlete. In the Floor Exercise, the player uses the four buttons of the controller to guide the player to the rhythm of the music. The last of the female events is the Balance Beam, in which the player needs to keep the athlete on the beam while pressing the 4 buttons corresponding to the colour on the beam to make the athlete move. beijing 2008
The first of three Gymnastics Events are the Parallel Bars, in which the player uses the analogue sticks and buttons to complete the athlete’s routine. In the Vault, players need to build up speed with their lower buttons, and use the analogue trigger to launch them off the board over the horse, while turning the analogue sticks will balance the landing. The final male event is the Rings, in which you follow the arm movement of the athlete with both your analogue sticks, while you make sure the landing is stable by pressing a button combination that shows on-screen.
Beijing 2008 was released globally on June 28th for the Xbox 360, PLAYSTATION 3 computer entertainment system. The PC version will be released 11th July.

PC Puzzle Hero game free game download

Puzzle Hero

Embark on a thrilling and amazing journey in this unique puzzle-RPG (role playing game).

Puzzle Hero lets you defeat more than 50 mystical 3D monsters, while you charge through picturesque environments. Hero in you must save your kidnapped brother, Tristan, from sorcerer Zalock's spell and his Army of Darkness.

Outwit the puzzle and battle the mystical monsters that guard the road to Kingdom of Fog. Increase your power by gathering gold and using it to shop for magical amulets, amazing selection of weaponry, armor, and clothing accessories. Adventure and glory await you in!

Rise of the Argonauts developers reveal Ares, Hermes, Apollo and Athena in new videos

Rise of the Argonauts developers reveal Ares, Hermes, Apollo and Athena in new videos now available from (age restrictions apply)

Get to know the gods of Rise of the Argonauts, the epic action RPG being created by Liquid Entertainment, with two new developer commentary videos released today by Codemasters and now available to view and download

In the Gods Profile video, Lead Designer Charley Price reveals the four patron deities that watch over Jason throughout the course of the game, along with an overview of the weapons, personality traits and skills that players will acquire by dedicating deeds to particular gods.
“Gaining intimate knowledge of each of the gods is key to Rise of the Argonauts’ gameplay experience,” said Price. “Players will need to constantly be aware of each god’s personality and abilities in order to make the most of the deeds system in the game.”
The theme of deeds is picked up by Liquid Entertainment’s President Ed Del Castillo in the second video, which details the game’s unique experience points system. Using a brand-new system for RPGs, experience points will be tracked as a series of deeds that can be dedicated to a particular god as a way to earn favour and level up with the skills and abilities of that god.

Each of the gods – Ares, Apollo, Hermes and Athena – has his or her own skill tree that gives the player a flexible and dynamic system for acquiring skills and improving their character. Players will also be able to align themselves with a god by choosing the dialogue that best fits the god’s unique disposition.
“Gods are watching all the time, and we wanted the player to feel that,” said Del Castillo. “With the ability to choose which gods to align with, each player’s experience is going to be a little bit different.”
Ares, the god of war and the mace, is suited to throwing himself into battle with no regard for his own life. By dedicating deeds to Ares, Jason will not only become more brutal with the mace, but also more aggressive in dialogue choices with other characters. Following his wife’s assassination, Jason is viewed as a weak King unable to protect those around him, so he will need to prove his toughness with the help of Ares’ powers.

Hermes, the god of swiftness, will reward Jason with increased quickness and agility in battle. His weapon of choice is the sword, so dedicating deeds to Hermes will provide players with quicker and faster-paced combat. He is also the god of cunning, and is very manipulative, so Jason can win back the hearts and minds of his fellow Iolcans by gaining an intellectual edge over them.

Apollo is the god of knowledge and philosophy, and dedicating deeds to him will make Jason more empathetic and less aggressive as he continues his journey. Accordingly, he is tied to Jason’s shield. However the shield is not purely a defensive weapon like in other RPGs, existing solely to fend off attacks. Jason can earn powers that allow his shield to be used as a weapon.

Athena reigns over wisdom and judgment. When players align themselves with Athena, they gain the ability to judge other characters, allowing Jason to determine whether they should be rewarded or punished for their actions. In combat, Athena is associated with the spear, and as the goddess of timing, can help Jason transform into a warrior that is as efficient as he is deadly.

In Rise of the Argonauts, Jason and his trusted band of Argonauts embark on a quest to find the Golden Fleece and revive his beloved slain wife while exploring the vast Aegean – a dynamic world of forbidding islands, shining cities, lush jungles and deep forests – in a vibrant realisation of ancient Greece. As Jason, players will carve a unique journey through the game world as their choices bring favour with the gods, shape the plot, change the outcome of quests and open up new story arcs.

Mixing deep exploration, grand-scale quests and gladiatorial combat in a story powered by the timeless motives of love and vengeance, Rise of the Argonauts is coming this autumn for the Xbox 360 video game and entertainment system from Microsoft, the PlayStation 3 computer entertainment system and Games For Windows. For the videos and more, head over to the website at

Mr. Buckethead - mobile cellphone game

Where do all the Tetris clones get their stones from?

Yes? The game “Mr. Buckethead” will give the answer!
They are all manufactured in the last licensed Tetris Stone Factory. The problem is: it is a ramshackle factory, the production line does not work anymore and the color pipelines are leaky. Even worse, the new boss has kicked out all employees and only one is left:

Mr. Buckethead

He has to do all the work: catch and mix the right colors dripping out of the pipelines, collect the raw stones which are spread all over the factory and bring them to the coloring machine. And all this in a hurry, because there are so many Tetris clones out there!

The player must help Mr. Buckethead to make his boss happy…not an easy task at all.

More about the game can be found at

SCEE officially announces date for Firmware 2.40

Sony Computer Entertainment Europe today announced that the new online gaming functions for PlayStation 3, will be available on July 2, with 2.40 enhancements, an automatic firmware upgrade that delivers several of the features requested by gamers.

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ChartTrack UK video games chart June 28

All formats

Week ending 28 June 2008

1 Super Smash Bros: Brawl Nintendo
2 Battlefield: Bad Company EA Games
3 Lego Indiana Jones: Original Adventures Lucasarts
4 Wii Fit Nintendo
5 Big Beach Sports Play THQ 
6 Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns Of The Patriots Konami
7 Mario Kart Wii Nintendo
8 Top Spin 3 2k Sports
9 Beijing 2008 Sega
10 Grand Theft Auto IV Rockstar
11 Mario & Sonic At The Olympic Games Sega
12 Wii Play Nintendo
13 Dr Kawashima's Brain Training Nintendo
14 Guitar Hero: Aerosmith Redoctane
15 The Bourne Conspiracy Sierra
16 Guitar Hero III: Legends Of Rock Redoctane
17 Alone In The Dark Atari
18 Race Driver: Grid Codemasters
19 Cooking Guide: Can't Decide What To Eat? Nintendo
20 Call Of Duty 4: Modern Warfare Activision

EA boss sets up iPhone games company - look out PSP and DS

The Nintendo DS and Sony PSP are the two current-gen hand-held games consoles around at the moment. But there could soon be a third contender, as the iPhone starts to build momentum as a viable platform for games. One man who has seen the potential of the iPhone, and mobile phone gaming as a whole is Neil Young, who has left his job as head of Electronic Arts Los Angeles studio to set up his own company called Ngmoco.

Neil Young has had a long career at games developer EA, working on games such as The Lord Of The Rings and The Sims 2, but he’s now leaving it all behind due to the potential he sees in mobile phone gaming, and particularly gaming on the Apple iPhone.

To leave what must be a well-paying and secure job at the biggest games publisher for this new venture means Young must believe that there is a future in the business of developing and publishing games for the new generation of mobile phones, of which the iPhone is currently at the forefront.

He told Kotaku:

One of the great things… iPhone is doing, is changing the relationship between the people making games and the people buying them. It’s removing that carrier that limits the potential of the business.

The device itself is, from a performance standpoint, somewhere between a DS and a PSP, but unlike the PSP, it’s got touch, the accelerometer, the camera, the microphone… it’s location-aware, and from a usage standpoint it’s always on, always with you and always connected to the network.

My sense is, the types of experiences that we’re going to be able to build on that device and the devices that follow… are going to be really interesting and blow the doors off the business.

They are some quite bold claims, but Young seems to believe that the iPhone, and the smartphones that are sure to follow in its wake, are going to be able to compete with dedicated consoles such as the Nintendo DS and Sony PSP in the future.

Certainly the motion-sensing and touch screen capabilities of the iPhone mean it could be the home of some innovative and user-friendly games in the not too distant future, but I still have some doubts as to whether your average iPhone user is going to bother buying and playing a game on the device, especially when that same consumer is likely to already own one of the mainstream hand-held consoles anyway.

It will be interesting to see if Young succeeds, and if he does, I suspect it will open up the games side of the iPhone substantially. That’s if he and his company succeed.

Source: iphone touch

FIFA 09 PLAYSTATION 3 and Xbox 360 Features over 250 gamezplay enhancements

Electronic Arts today revealed it has created platform specific experiences for its popular FIFA 09 football franchise from EA SPORTS. FIFA 09 has been designed and customized to deliver a unique gameplay experience that takes advantage of the hardware specifications of each available platform— the PlayStation 3 computer entertainment system, Xbox 360 video game and entertainment system, Nintendo Wii home video game system, PC, PlayStation 2 computer entertainment system, Nintendo DS, PSP (PlayStationPortable) system and mobile—when it is released worldwide this autumn.
“We have listened and responded to gamers and football fans around the world by building customized gameplay experiences for FIFA 09 on each platform,” said Andrew Wilson, Vice President & Executive Producer for the franchise. “Everyone wants to play a football game that is customized to their system and delivers a unique and enjoyable experience. We understand that and have innovated features, created new modes and designed controls that are tailored to each specific platform.”
With over 250 additions and enhancements to core gameplay, FIFA 09 on the PLAYSTATION 3 system and Xbox 360 deliver an authentic football simulation that enables you to customize the game to suit your style and ability. New animation technology creates more responsive first-time shooting and passing, faster and more controlled dribbling, and improved trapping. New player momentum physics, which exploits the power of these platform engines, delivers realistic player collisions, authentic jostling for the ball, and more variation in tackling.
“We listened to our consumers to make the changes that they wanted,” said David Rutter, Producer of FIFA 09 on the PLAYSTATION 3 system and Xbox 360. “No other game has over 250 feature changes and additions focused on improving core gameplay. We have an absolutely authentic recreation of the real sport through attention to detail.”

For the first time, go inside the game engine to customize the strategy and positioning of your teammates to decide exactly how your team will play in any situation. With new Custom Team Tactics you have all the tools to become a first-team coach. Adjust and customize tactical settings so CPU players and your team perform just like the real-world team plays and make strategic decisions to exploit your opponent’s weaknesses, all on-the-fly. The popular feature innovation Be A Pro has expanded to a career mode called Be A Pro: Seasons where you can choose or create a professional player and then develop his skills at a single outfield position over four years with the ultimate goal of becoming a national legend. The matchday experience is now true-to-life with a referee and linesmen on the pitch. Plus, crowds, stadium atmosphere and commentary have all been regionalized in exact detail.

On the Wii, enjoy FIFA 09 All-Play one of two ways—a Wii-specific take on the authentic ‘11 vs. 11’ simulation or over-the-top ‘8 vs. 8’ arcade action within a stylized environment with Mii™ versions of your favorite superstars, like Ronaldinho and Wayne Rooney. Refined motion and point-and-play controls make playing FIFA 09 All-Play even more intuitive and perfectly balanced for gamers of any ability to enjoy fun, football action. Choose to play the style that best suits your skills from advanced controls for experienced players to new EA SPORTS™ All-Play controls that enables novice players to focus on fun using simplified controls with AI assistance.
“You’ve never played football like this before,” said Kaz Makita, Line Producer of FIFA 09 All-Play. “Our new ‘8 vs. 8’ Footii Match enables you to play an exaggerated style of football where the personality of your Mii comes to life. You can play with your Mii characters against or alongside some of the biggest stars in a truly unique football experience tailored specifically for the Wii version of FIFA 09.”
FIFA 09 on PC now features leading-edge visuals that deliver graphics that exploit the power of hi-spec gaming PCs, as requested by PC gamers. Star players are featured in photorealistic quality with remodeled likenesses for ultra-realistic gameplay. FIFA 09 on PC also features customizable mouse gameplay controls that deliver deeper, more intuitive command over your squad. Plus, customizable widgets are now integrated into the menu system to connect you to the FIFA community and real-world football so you stay connected while playing FIFA 09.
“We are committed to investing and innovating to create a PC specific experience,” said Producer Paul Hossack. “Gamers want a gameplay experience exclusively for PC and FIFA 09 on PC delivers this.”
With 500 new animation sequences and all-new collision and shielding systems—representing the biggest innovations to the multiplatform EA SPORTS football engine in four years— FIFA 09 delivers more responsive, intelligent and realistic physical action on the PlayStation 2 system. The new collision detection system with 360 degree coverage enables players to behave according to their physical attributes where player speed, direction and strength determine everything from the severity of the collision to the outcome of possession. Changes to the animation system reward the skillful gamer during one-on-one situations between attackers and defenders. Tuned acceleration attributes enable swifter virtual players to possess quicker first steps and gain advantage in sprints. Plus, four new skill moves—scoop turns, rainbow flicks, heel-to-heel knocks and ball rolls—give you a total of 32 tricks in your arsenal to perform just like Ronaldinho.

FIFA 09 on the PSP system and Nintendo DS now include the innovative Be A Pro feature, including the unique Be A Pro camera that re-creates the rush and excitement of racing in on goal, designed exclusively for each system.

Razer Launch Chinese gaming keyboard

Co-developed with Team Razer's pro-gamers, the Razer Aurantia features full macro capabilities in a portable keyboard.

Razer, the world's leading manufacturer of high-end precision gaming and lifestyle electronics peripherals, has announced the launch of the Razer Aurantia (China Pro-Gaming Edition), Razer's entry level gaming keyboard, exclusive to China. The public will have a chance to test the Razer Aurantia at the Razer booth at ChinaJoy 2008, happening in Shanghai later this month.

The Razer Aurantia will be sold together with the Razer Salmosa (China Pro-Gaming Edition) as a bundle, at an MSRP of RMB 399.

Razer Aurantia bundle – RMB 399
• 104 programmable keys with macro capabilities
• Three additional keys for 'gaming mode,' 'profile switching,' and 'mute' functions
• 10 customizable software profiles with on-the-fly switching
• Detachable non-slip wrist rest
• Approximate size:
446mm (length) x 205mm (width) x 29mm (height) – with wrist rest

AVAILABILTY: Mid-July 2008 in China

Razer website (Europe)

How to Play Super Smash Bros. Brawl video - Play as Wall.E

Watch this video that explains how to play and win Super Smash Bros. Brawl on Nintendo Wii.

Who you can play as, the group match and lots more from Amazon.

Watch the video here...