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Tuesday, April 01, 2008

MTV's Rock the Cradle Kicks off with Rock Band Competition

On April 3rd, MTV Networks is premiering their new show Rock the Cradle, which is a a singing talent competition featuring celebrity offspring and their famous parents such as: Olivia Newton-John, Kenny Loggins, Bobby Brown, Eddie Money, Joe Walsh, MC Hammer, Dee Snider (whose son unfortunately inherited his chin) and more. This should definitely be interesting because every week the contestants will take the stage and give it their all or be sent packing.

Each rock star kid will Rock the Cradle in front of a panel of judges, and like American Idol and other reality shows, the judges will share their opinions after each performance, but the viewer will ultimately decide who will stay and who will go. The winner will get to try and follow in the footsteps of dear ole Mom or Dad.

To celebrate the new series, there will be a Rock Band video game competition this Saturday, March 22, in select cities between kids and their parents. ROCK THE CRADLE DNA DUELs will be held in LA, NY, DC, Chicago and Cleveland area shopping malls. The winning teams will square off at the finals in the middle of Time Square. NYC.

To register for the event, visit the official MTV Rock the Cradle website where you can also get more information like locations and times. If any of our readers decide to sign up for this or just plan on watching the competition, please be sure and drop us a line letting us know how well you did or what you thought of it.

Source: Press Release